CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - In order to provide a safe environment for both our staff and clients, as well as to adhere to necessary public health measures (eg. social distancing), Hungarian consulates in England and Scotland continue to operate at reduced capacity. For further details please click here

If you would like to apply for a passport you should book an appointment.  Appointments can be booked  directly through our online booking system

Please note that due to high number of applicants waiting time for the appointment can be long. Please note that we use the same online booking system, therefore we can not issue earlier appointments. No fast track procedure is available at the Consulate.

Passport procedure is 20 days which does not include delivery from Hungary to the Consulate. Average procedure time is 5-8 weeks (including delivery to the Consulate). If you can not prove your citizenship when applying for a passport the Consulate should start a procedure to verify your citizenship. This procedure might take up to 3-5 months as an average time but it could be much longer.

Please do not plan any journey (do not buy flight tickets, bus tickets etc.) before your passport is delivered! The Consulate can not guarantee that the passport is delivered within the above mentioned average procedure time.

For information about the fees please visit the following link: “Consular fees”. (Fees vary on the basis of the lenght of the validity of the required passport, on the basis of the number of minors within the family and on the basis of the necessary surcharges (eg. in case of loss of the previous passport). „Declaration on the number of children” can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

If you applied for the your passport in Hungary please visit the following link on the website: “Receive of passports and other documents applied for in Hungary”.

Please present all the required documents when coming to the Consulate. If you fail to prepare your application properly you will be advised to book a new  appointment and come back later.

Required documents:
• As proof of Hungarian citizenship:

  •  valid Hungarian ID card, or
  •  Hungarian passport expired within one year,  or
  •  valid certificate of citizenship;

• payment of the fee;
• in case of lack of valid Hungarian passport/ ID card: valid document with a photo (valid foreign passport, ID card, driving licence) or Hungarian birth/marriage certificate showing your current name;
• if you apply with a new surname/first name: Hungarian certificate of marriage or Hungarian certificate of the changed name;
• if you can not prove your Hungarian citizenship: a filled in form for verification of citizenship (the form is available at the Consulate);
• if your previous (valid) passport was stolen: police record or reference number;
• if you have never had a Hungarian passport or ID card you should apply for a certificate of citizenship first (for further information please visit the following link on the website: “Verification of citizenship”).

If the applicant is under 18:
• the application should be submitted by the parents/person(s) with parental responsibility;
• if only one of the parents has parental responsibility he/she should duly verify his/her right to act on behalf of the child (eg. with relevant court order);
• one of the parents may apply for the passport alone in the possession of a proper authorization from the other parent (witnessed by two witnesses or a Notary Public listed on our website; necessary form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page);
• valid passport or ID of both parents;
• Hungarian birth certificate of the child
• 2 passport photos if the child is under 12.

If the child is over 12, he/she should appear at the Consulate in person together with the parents.

If the birth of the child has not been registered in Hungary you can submit the application for the passport together with the application of the registration of birth. In this case   you should sign a "Declaration for passport application of a minor under 6" (it can be downloaded at the bottom of this page). For further information please visit the following link: "Registration of birth”.

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