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I.,Appointment, length of the procedure

For the verification of citizenship you should apply in person and a prior appointment should be booked.

You can book an appointment directly through our online booking system

The nationality procedure takes on average 8-12 months, and the Embassy is unable to speed up the proceedings. The Consulate only receives the applications and forward them to the competent Hungarian authority, namely the Department of Citizenship and Native registry of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest. If you wish to get an update about your case please contact directly the competent Hungarian authority.

When you apply for the verification of citizenship you should apply for the registration of birth and – if relevant – the registration of marriage in the Hungarian system at the same time.

II., The fee

The citizenship verification is free of charge except if you would like to get a certificate of citizenship (valid for three years).
You can find the fee of the certificate on the website at the ’Consular fees’.

As the fees of the consular procedures are based on the Hungarian law we cannot reduce those.

III., The documents

• The application forms could be downloaded from the bottom of this page. The application form should be filled in according to Hungarian usage (name order: surname, given name; date order: year, month, day; use accents) and in block capitals, or use a typewriter where possible.
• Present a valid identity document (e.g. British or other passport).
• Other documents which proves the family link between the Hungarian national ancestors and the applicant.
• Documents needed for the registration of birth and marriage of the applicant (application forms, original certificates of birth, marriage, etc.)
• Please note that the legalized Hungarian translation is not required if the multilingual certificate is issued within Europe and one of the languages is English, German or French, for the English language certificates of birth and marriage issued by the authorities of the USA, Australia, South Africa or New Zeeland and the English or French langugage certificates issued by the authorities of Canada.

To help us quickly rectify any omissions and clarify questions please provide your e-mail address and daytime telephone number.

We have tried to include in this note the most important information you will need. Should you have further questions please contact us via email ( prior to your booked appointment.

IV., Other applications

Should you need information about the statement on the reacquisition of Hungarian citizenship or the renounciation your citizenship, please also contact us via email.

Application forms:

Nationality questionnaire
Nationality questionnaire in Hungarian
Application form for registration of birth in Hungarian
Application form for registration of birth in English
Application form for registration of marriage in Hungarian
Application form for registration of marriage in English