Applying for an Official Certificate of Good Character from the Hungarian authorities

1., Unlike the DBS check in the UK, a Hungarian Official Certificate of Good Character is issued upon the request of the individual concerned.

2., Please complete the form in Hungarian and in block letters, in accordance with the rules of the Hungarian language. If you apply in person, you should present your valid ID card or passport when lodging of the application. If you submit your application by post you should enclose the copy of your valid passport/ID card.

3., You can apply in person or by post.

a) If you apply in person you should book an appointment. For further information please visit:

b) If you apply by post you should visit first an Honorary Consul who checks your identity and authenticates your signature. You can find the list of Honorary Consuls on the website.

4., If you submit your application by post, the consular fee should be sent by Postal Order payable to the ‘Embassy of Hungary’. Please also provide a short cover letter with your daytime telephone number and/or e-mail address, should we need to contact you. Please also indicate whether or not you wish to receive a legalised translation of the Certificate.

5., Should you request a legalised translation of the Hungarian document to English you should pay an additional fee. For information about the fees please visit the following link: “Consular fees”.

The procedure takes about 2 weeks as a general rule. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped reply envelope (Recorded Mail).


Application form:

Application form for official certificate of good character