The NEW address of the consular office in London is: 100 Brompton Road, SW3 1ER

Business hours of the consular office in London: Monday- Thursday 9.00am - 12.00pm and 1pm - 4pmFriday 9:00am - 12:00pm

Please note that consular services are by appointment only

The Consulate is closed on Hungarian and British public holidays:


2 January; 15 March; 7 April; 10 April; 1 May; 8 May; 29 May; 28 August; 23 October; 1 November; 25-26 December; 


1st January, 15 March, 29 March, 1st April, 1st May, 6 May, 20 May, 27 May, 19-20 August, 26 August, 23 October, 1st November, 24-25-26-27 December  

Appointments can be booked directly through our online booking system. Direct link can be found on the bottom of this page, right after the following useful information.

One person may book one appointment only for a consular service. If you book more appointments for the same consular service all of the appointments should be cancelled by the Consulate without prior notice. Please make sure that you arrive in time for your appointment. In case you can not come for your appointment you should cancel it in advance.

Please note that we use the same Appointment Booking System, therefore we can not issue earlier appointments. Please download and fill in all the required documents before coming to the Consulate . If you fail to prepare your application properly you might be advised to book a new  appointment and come back later.

Please note that in most of the cases the Consulate only receives the applications and forward them to the competent Hungarian authority, therefore the Consulate can not accelerate the procedures. If you wish to get an update about your case please contact directly the competent Hungarian authority.

Appointments to book:

1./ Collection of documents

For passport/ID card collection, please choose "Collection of documents or a new passport" in the online appointment system

2./ Maternity allowance

For appointment please choose "Anyasági támogatás/FÉTÁM"

3./ Legalisation of copy
Legalisation of a copy made by the applicant or by the Consulate. No additional appointment is needed if legalisation is related to other consuler procedures (e.g. citizenship application or registration of marriage).
For appointment please choose „Legalisation of copy”.

4./ Legalisation of signature
Legalisation of the signature of the applicant on a document.
For appointment please choose „Legalisation of signature”.

5./ Certificate of good character (CRB check)
If you need an official translation of the certificate of good character you have to ask for it at the beginning of the procedure. No additional appointment is required for the translation.
For appointment please choose „Certification of good character”.

6./ Certificate of family status
Official certificate on the family status of a Hungarian citizen.
For appointment please choose „Consular certificate”.

7./ Declaration of settlement abroad

Declaration of definitive stay abroad.
For appointment please choose „Declaration of settlement abroad”.

8./ Consular certificate

Consular certificate is issued upon request of an applicant to certify a fact which is officially known by the Consulate. (E.g. this may be a certificate for the foreign authorities to certify that the applicant has started a consular procedure.) Appointment is required only if there is no other (“basic”) ongoing consular procedure.
For appointment please choose „Consular certificate”.
If you apply for a permission for transportation of a body no appointment is required!

9./ Registration for online account for government services
Registration for online account for government services in Hungary.
For appointment please choose „Registration for online  government services”.


Please bring the confirmation email with you to your appointment!

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