You can order a certified copy of a Hungarian birth, marriage and death certificate in person through an official representation (consular office) in the UK. Honorary consuls are NOT authorised to take such applications.

Please note that a copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate can only be obtained when the birth, marriage or death in question happened in the (current) territory of Hungary or, if it happened abroad, it has been already registered in the Hungarian records. Otherwise the birth, marriage or death has to be registered first (see at 'Registration of birth, marriage, death')

Submission of applications may only be done after booking your appointment at

When booking your appointment, please select “Issuing a birth/marriage/death certificate” as 'type of application'. Always put 1 for the number of applicants, irrespective of the number of certificates you wish to obtain - please note though that a separate application form needs to be filled out for each certificate.

The consular office does not provide emergency/fast track appointments. We use the same booking system as our clients do, therefore we are unable to give you earlier appointments either.

As a general rule, certificates are issued within 2-3 weeks of submitting the application and are free of charge. Should you wish to receive the document via post, please make sure to bring a stamped and addressed envelope as well to your appointment (it is recommended to use a “special delivery” service).

You may download the necessary form at the bottom of this page. Please note that all forms must be filled out and signed with a blue ink pen, and in all cases the Hungarian version must be used – the English version and is a courtesy translation and is a guideline only.

Should you wish to obtain the birth/marriage/death certificate of your parents (ancestors), you need to provide a proof of relationship to those persons (ie. your own birth certificate). The valid passport or ID card of the applicant must be presented at all times.


Application form:

Form to obtain birth / marriage / civil partnership / death certificate issued by the Hungarian authorities
English translation of the application form (guideline only)