Prime Minister Orbán attended the high-level reception at the Buckingham Palace upon the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II and at a Christmas reception in 10 Downing Street hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Minister Szijjàrtó participated in a dinner hosted by his partner Dominic Raab and Minister Benkô by Ben Wallace in Lancaster House. During the two-day programme, Minister Szijjártó met Rehman Chishti, the British Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief discussing efforts to assist persecuted Christians. He also gave interviews to CNN, BBC News, BBC World, Sky News, CNBC, CCTV, Washington Examiner and the Hungarian M1 and HírTV television channels.
Before the programme of the Summit, Sir Roger Scruton writer-philosopher received the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Merit of Hungary from PM Orbán at the Embassy of Hungary. In his laudation the Prime Minister stressed that Mr Scruton was an ardent and active ally of anti-communist forces in Central and Eastern Europe and he is a long-time friend of the freedom-loving Hungarians. In his speech Sir Roger highlighted that Hungary set an example in protecting its national identity at a time when there is a noticeable push for eliminating the national differences between countries.